Maintenance strategies for laminates to keep them looking fresh

If you are planning to buy decorative laminates for the home makeover, knowing how to maintain them is vital to keep them spotless, hygienic, and bright. Laminates are a low-cost and low-maintenance surfacing material that brings many other advantages. For this being reason, they are gaining immense popularity among interior designers and individual homeowners.

Proven benefits of using decorative laminates are high strength, long-lasting shine, versatility, and abrasion resistance, to list a few. They maximize your design choices and let you give your creative best when designing your home or office. They are a way to craft contemporary interior designs within budgetary constraints. When talking about textures, patterns, and colour options, they are enumerable.

Not only do they enhance the look of the property, but also they encourage a comfortable living. If purchased from a reputed laminate manufacturer in India, laminate sheets can last up to 10 years and even longer, keeping their sheen intact. However, how long they will last depends entirely on how well you maintain them. 

Although they require low maintenance, the following tips could add a few more years to the life of your laminate surfaces. This blog will discuss maintenance strategies to help you keep your laminates looking fresh. 

Regular dusting

Regular dusting is vital to ensure your laminate sheets do not lose their shine. Dust the laminate surfaces with a lint-free cloth every second day or twice a week, if not daily, depending on your convenience. In the case of furniture, you may use regular furniture spray or polish to clean the surface. Avoid using them in excess, as they can damage the laminate surface and make it look worn.

Use the right cleaner

If the laminate has caught stubborn stains, you may use liquid cleaners. And if the liquid cleaner does not deliver the result, go for a cream cleanser to clean the marks. While performing the cleaning job, avoid rubbing hard and clean it gently, ensuring the surface does not scratch. A Windex-style product for wiping is a better choice to maintain the finish of laminate sheets. Such cleaners are made to remove streak marks on the surface.

Wipe down stains instantly

Spills are commonplace in homes, offices, kitchens, and other spaces. Sometimes it is water, while other times, it may be chemicals, tea, coffee, and other beverages. If the liquid spilled may cause stains, wipe it down instantly before it settles on the surface. This rapid action plan can help you maintain the newness of your laminate doors, floors, walls, furniture, etc. It will also eliminate the need to use strong cleaners that may damage the aesthetics of the surface.

Avoid abrasive or sharp objects

Laminate sheets can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear caused by regular use. But then, abrasive cleaners and sharp objects can damage their surface finish, and scratches can be visible. So, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and sharp objects as part of your maintenance strategies. They may leave permanent marks on the laminate surface, raising the need for re-installation. Never use scouring pads, black soap, and other cleaners with a strong acid or alkaline base.

  • Do not drag heavy objects on the surface

If you have laminate floors in your home or office, you should never drag heavy objects, tables, couches, sofas, and other furniture pieces with sharp heels on the floor. Doing this may cause scratches on the surface, making the floor look dull. 

  • Occasional wipes

Do not forget to occasionally wipe your laminate doors, cabinets, furniture, and wardrobes with a damp piece of cloth or soft sponge. It should not be too wet to leave water marks on the surface. Occasional wipes will help you keep your laminate sheets shining like they are brand new. If you want to maintain laminate floors, use a damp mop once a month or every two months.

Wrap upEasy maintenance is one of the key factors that make decorative laminates a better choice over other surfacing materials. Follow the tips above to maintain your laminate surfaces. If you are looking for premium quality laminates sheets, look no further than Royale Touche, a leading laminate manufacturer in India. Royale Touche laminates are stylish, durable, affordable, and easy to clean and maintain.