Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

The floor is a very important detail within a construction project. Among the various options of this material, the tactile concrete floor, for example, is a product that is adapted to assist the visually impaired in locomotion.

In practice, this item can be found in different dimensions and colors and the great highlight of this product is that it can be used to signal certain areas.

In other words, accessories that fit the model of the tactile concrete floor are characterized by presenting a composition that is more sensitive to items such as canes and prostheses.

To preserve these characteristics, it is necessary to take care of the floor maintenance. But how to take care of this material efficiently? What products can be used to clean this item? When to do maintenance properly? If you also have these questions, keep reading this article and learn more!

Concrete Floor Polishing

As with other floor models, cleaning the tactile concrete floor can be done in a number of ways. The most common is the use of damp cloths, with water and detergent.

However, as it is a floor with some specific characteristics, it is necessary to take some extra care when it comes to maintenance. The first is to avoid mechanized forms for cleaning, that is, machines that can damage the concrete slabs.

In addition, the concrete floor polishing technique is very suitable. In practice, this technique serves to correct the imperfections of this type of floor and, in this way, in addition to being functional, the floor has a much better aesthetic result.

Maintenance can be done periodically or according to the observation of wear on the floors. To ensure a longer useful life for this material, it is worth taking some precautions.

Are they:

  • Avoid using solvents and chemicals;
  • Use colorless acrylic wax (avoids the removal of the signage);
  • Always dilute chemicals in water for cleaning;
  • Replace it when the floor is bumpy or peeled off.

In addition to periodic maintenance, a good way to take care of floors is to properly install not only the floor but also the subfloor. The execution of subfloor, for example, is a technique that requires a detailed work.

The subfloor is a layer of mortar that is placed on structures such as pavement slabs, foundations that lie on the ground and wet areas. Despite the differences, the maintenance of the subfloor must be the same as for the common floor.

When the floor covering is made of machined concrete, the difference is that this material is reinforced with greater amounts of water, cement, stones and sand. In this case, the need for maintenance must be observed according to the wear of the material.