Top 5 Pod Devices To Replace Your Disposable Vapes

While disposable vapes are still probably the most popular way to vape at the current time and we don’t see the trend dying off in the near future either. 

With a large amount of manufacturers producing their disposable vape flavours in nicotine salts, maybe it’s time that vapers started looking into a more cost effective way to vape and we’ve done the research for you. 

Taking a look into the Top 5 Pod Devices To Replace Your Disposable Vapes, we’ve picked out the devices that are almost as easy as using disposables but without all the cost associated with them. 

1 – Elf Bar Mate P1 

The Mate P1 device is basically a disposable pod vape where you can purchase pre-filled pods to keep you going while on the move but also comes with the option of refillable pods earning it the top spot on this list. The refillable pods act as a tank system so you can use any juice that you wish in the device and with the large number of nicotine salts on the market – the choices are endless. 

2 – Caliburn A2

The Uwell Caliburn series of devices have been around for a whlie and with the newest version they seem to have perfected this even more. With an auto draw system (or button press depending on how you want to vape), these easily refillable pods mimic a disposable vape in a device that will save you money in the long turn. 

3 – Voopoo Drag X / S

While this device is a little larger than some of the other devices in the list, this device allows you to change your vaping wattage with the variable wattage feature and has a bright screen on the front to allow you to see exactly what your settings are. With a range of coils available for this great pod kit, you can use almost any e liquid with it and get the best performance. 

4 – Elf Bar FB1000 Kit

Another device from Elf Bar, and this time it is their offering in the larger pod system market. Looking visually similar to the Voopoo Drag X / S but without the screen, this larger sized device is great to throw in your pocket for on the go and it still packs great disposable vape style performance. 

5 – Aspire Flexus Q Kit

Back onto the smaller sized devices, the Flexus Q kit is similar in size to the Caliburn A2 but offers all of the great quality that Aspire are known for. With easy USB charging and swappable refillable pods, this is another great choice for anyone looking to move from disposables. 

We know that some people still like to grab a cheaper disposable vape for when they are going on a night out, and if thats what you are looking for we highly recommend Solo Vapes

With the huge amount of options for how you want to vape available, there is no right or wrong answer but we do recommend that you shop responsibly with vendors that follow the TPD rules.