Recommended books for using Instagram marketing! Reference Material 2017 Edition

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Instagram is an SNS app that allows you to fashionably process the photos you take on the spot, upload them to the Internet as they are, and share them. As of January 2017, the number of monthly actives has exceeded 600 million, and it can be said that this is the SNS of the season. I will. What should I do if I try to incorporate such Instagram into marketing? You may be looking for a reference book.

So this time, I will introduce some books recommended for using Instagram marketing, so if you are interested, please check them out. Instagram which we have recommended for guidelines and tell you about the Instagram marketing if you want more info follow our page buy Instagram followers Australia.

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1 What books can help you get Instagram into marketing?

1.1 100 New Laws You Can Instagram Marketing

1.2 Practice! Instagram Visual Marketing

1.3 Instagram for 500 yen

1.4 The easiest Instagram marketing textbook

2 Summary

What books can help you get Instagram into marketing?

There are currently several books outlining Instagram.

Among them, I will show you some books that can be used as reference materials for marketing and business.

You can easily buy it on Amazon etc. so please refer to it.

100 new rules you can do Instagram marketing

100 new rules you can do Instagram marketing Technology to bring out “want” with one photo


Book title             100 new rules that can be done Instagram marketing

Technology to bring out “want” with one photo

Release date      2016/3/18

Author  Chie Yamada, Yue Ogawa, Rina Ishii, Series editorial department

price      2,160 yen

[Details] The

latest cases are recorded. Commentary on operational Instagram ads

Instagram is used by 400 million users worldwide, surpassing Twitter, and continues to grow rapidly, with companies entering the market one after another.

Understand Instagram users who have a culture different from conventional SNS, and

explain know-how that is useful for corporate branding and marketing.

The latest cases as of February 2016 are recorded, and

the usage of “operational Instagram advertisement” started in October 2015 is also explained.


is recorded as a large volume of “100 new laws” that can be read and understood from anywhere and can be put into practice immediately.

As of January 2017, Instagram has exceeded 600 million people and is still growing.

This book is packed with marketing know-how.

Recommended for people like this

・ I want to understand the attributes and values ​​of Instagram users ・

I want to know effective marketing methods using photos ・ I want to know how to

set appropriate goals and how to run the PDCA cycle

・How to use Instagram linked with events seeking to

put out the achievements in · Instagram ad

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Ideal for

those who are thinking about using Instagram for business. A good book full of know-how for using Instagram for business. If you’re a corporate spokesperson or marketer looking to use Instagram, this book is for you. I think it’s a little voluminous, but I think it’s useful to keep one in-house because it’s easy to find and read only the necessary parts and it’s easy to see in all page colors. The same author (Tomoe Yamada)’s “Introduction to Instagram Marketing” is also easy to read. Source:

Practice! Instagram Visual Marketing

Practice! Instagram Visual Marketing from planning and operation of official accounts that sympathize with to campaigns (WEB PROFESSIONAL)

Book title            Practice! From

planning and operation of official accounts that sympathize with Instagram visual marketing to campaigns


Release date      2016/10/17

Author  Chiaki Tanaka

price      2,160 yen


Use popular SNS used by 500 million people around the world to attract customers, brand, and develop fans.

■ Use popular SNS used by 500 million people around the world to attract customers, brand, and develop fans

An introductory book for utilizing the SNS “Instagram”, which is breaking down mainly among young people, for the marketing of companies and shops.

It covers the essential knowledge that is indispensable for marketing utilization, from the basics of Instagram such as how to open an account, operation of the application, tips for taking pictures with a smartphone, how to use filters, how to select a posting theme, PDCA, construction of an operating system. did.

Also, we will explain about posting campaigns using Instagram and attracting customers, and acquiring fans through Instagram advertisements.

This one book gives you an overview of Instagram marketing. It also supports business tools released in August 2016.

When you start Instagram,

you may be wondering what to think about first.

It is very useful because it explains in detail what is useful in such a case.

What kind of photos should I take and what should I post for?

There is no doubt that it will be useful in practice.

■ Recommended for people like this

・ Understand the whole picture of Instagram marketing based on abundant cases

・ Explain the operation method of the application and shooting tips, you can practice immediately with one smartphone ・

Compatible with business tools that have just begun to be provided in Japan

・ Smartphone, providing a “whole one PDF” that can be read on a tablet

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Review of “Practice! Instagram Visual Marketing”

The following four patterns are widely introduced as campaigns using Instagram.

1. 1. Post entry type

2. “Like!” Entry type

3. Account tagging entry type

4. Follow-Ent entry type A

a lot of examples of actual company campaigns and photos of operation screens are posted. Although it is a thin book, it is all-color and has good image quality. The points are organized concretely and concisely, and it is easy to understand.

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