How to Look Great in a Thong Bathing Suit

The bikini season is just as intimidating as is exciting. The idea of exposing both your assets and flaws can be overwhelming. But, confident or not, there is no way to avoid summer and the swimsuit months. The good news is you can wear a thong bathing suit without getting worried if you find the perfect fit, focus on your body, and have a little bit of confidence to pull off your summer look. 

Here are some effective ways to wear athong bathing suit during the beach season:

Choose a suitable style

There is a variety of thong bikini choices out there, and the ones you choose can make a world of difference in flattering your figure. It does not necessarily mean that you spend a lot on custom swimwear. What is more important is highlighting your best assets by knowing what looks great on you. 

While there are manyoptions to choose from, claiming to be the perfect fit for your physique, you can never be certain until you see yourself wearing one. So, try several types of bikini tops such as tankini, bandeau,halter,push-up, triangle, etc., and pair them with a thong bathing suit.

In addition, consider your skin tone and what colors are against it. For example, if green is not a favorable color in your sweater or skirt, then it is likely no better in a bathing suit. If you are into patterns, they should not detract from your overall look. Allow for some trial and error so you can get the desired result. 

Avoid bloating

Sometimes, women cannot avoid fullness in the stomach. However, at other times of the month, you can avoid the swelling look. Not consuming alcohol can give you a flat tummy instead of a big belly. You may also want to avoid food that has high sodium content such as pizza, chips, canned soups, and soy sauce. While they are delicious, they can make your body retain water, causing bloating. 

It is advisable to eat small portions of meals throughout the day, as opposed to consuming large ones. If you want to strut your stuff on the beach with your thong bathing suit, try eating meals comprising vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. Make sure they are not bigger than your fist. It is a good size for your body to ingest without filling up your stomach. 

Hair care in your bikini region

Considering the small size of the thong bathing suit, some trimming down there may be necessary. The easiest and most affordable way to go about it is shaving. This method does not need assistance from anybody else. It is also relatively painless although the result is temporary.

You can have professional waxing, which is quite effective. The results you get can last up to 3-4 weeks. Waxing will leave your intimate area smoother, as it eliminates unwanted hair. Also, waxing offers the extra benefit of mild exfoliation. This is because as the substance sticks fast to the top layer of skin, it gets rid ofdead skin cells, revealing a softer layer underneath. 

Another option is laser hair removal, which removes the hair permanently after a few sessions. Make sure the facility you choose applies a numbing cream in the delicate area before the process to make it easy and pain-free. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is expensive, so expect a dent in your bank account. 

Tighten your muscles

Exercising has a cumulative effect down the road. You will not get a butt lift in a single workout session. However, you feel better after every workout, even though it can take a few weeks to see any changes in your body. Once your circulation is going, you can see more definition of the muscle and you get an endorphin high,sweating out the excess water your body is holding on to.

Also, if you just crushed a high-impact cardio workout, you may walk more confidently the next time you wear a thong bathing suit at the beach.  Do not forget to do your workout before hitting the beach even when you are on your vacation. 


When you wear a swimsuit as sexy as a thong bathing suit, having beautiful skin is crucial. While your skin has an amazing natural ability to regenerate itself, this can leave dead skin cellshanging out on the outermost layer. The process can make your arms, torso, and legs look dry and scaly. Exfoliation is an easy way to address this issue. 

You can exfoliate your skin with the use of sponges, brushes, or scrubbies. There are also some high-quality and expensive exfoliating creams and solutions, containing the right ingredients to provide the desired results. Loosening those cells that are clogging your pores is best done in the shower.


A tan looks better on everybody. Having tanned skin can cover cellulite and stretch marks. It also helps emphasize muscle definition. However, it is not a reason to stay under the sun for a long time and bake yourself like a taco. You know the dangers of too much sun exposure. 

There are self-tanners and sunless tanning products you can use without the risk of skin cancer. Moisturize first before tanning to improve absorption. When using a self-tanning product, make sure to follow the directions correctly. The last thing you want is to look likea Halloween pumpkin while wearing your thong bathing suit. This will only ruin your overall look. 

Be comfortable in your own skin

All things considered, the most beautiful attribute you can have is to have the right level of confidence in carrying yourself while wearing a sexy thong bathing suit. It may be difficult to feel attractive in a bikini, but it is possible. Begin by focusing on the beautiful things you like about your body and not the ones you dislike. 

It is also favorable if the people around you help make you feel positive about yourself. So, find a color that you like and wear your favorite thong bathing suit. Just be yourself because you are perfect as you are.