The cost-saving benefits of an Amazon Prime membership

Are you an avid online shopper? If so, then Amazon Prime is something you should consider getting. Not only does it offer convenience and cost savings, but it also offers other benefits that make it an even better deal. Here are six benefits of Amazon Prime that make it a must-have for the savvy shopper.

1. Free Delivery

One of the most notable features of Amazon Prime is its free two-day delivery option for many items in its catalog. This not only saves time compared to traditional retail shopping, but it also helps reduce your overall spending on shipping costs. While some items do have additional fees associated with them, many items qualify for free two-day delivery.

2. Music Streaming

Another great benefit that comes with Amazon Prime is the ability to stream music from their catalog of over two million songs, plus thousands of playlists and stations all free with ad-free streaming and offline listening capabilities. This makes it easy to find new music or just jam out to your old favorites while saving on monthly streaming subscriptions.

3. Movie & TV Streaming

In addition to music streaming, Amazon Prime also includes access to countless movies and television shows at no additional cost – perfect for those who want more than just networks like HBO or Showtime. With its library constantly being updated, there’s always something new to watch for any type of viewer!

4. Shopping Discounts & Deals

On top of all the other perks offered by Amazon Prime, members can also access exclusive discounts and deals both in stores and online throughout the year as well as early access to certain products such as electronics and beauty products before they become available elsewhere. This way you can get access to the best deals without having to wait in line or scour through pages upon pages looking for promotions!

5. Family Plans

Amazon Prime also offers family plans which allow up to six family members (including you) access to shared music streaming services, free two-day shipping options, early access deals, and exclusive discounts – perfect if multiple people in your household use their services regularly!

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6 . Photo Storage Services

As added value, Amazon Prime users are also given unlimited photo storage via the company’s cloud Photo app – perfect if you’re someone who loves taking pictures or has a large family that needs additional storage space! Plus its easy sharing capabilities ensure everyone can see these photos online quickly – no more worrying about losing precious memories forever due to hardware failure or accidental deletion!